Tor Łódź Opening

Łódź, 27/09 - 02/10 2016

Exotic Car Club is the key partner of the Tor Łódź opening!

We had the pleasure of inviting you to the opening of the first Driving Technique Improvement Center “TOR ŁÓDŹ” in the łódzkie voivodeship. It is the latest and most modern object of this type in the very center of Poland, near the intersection of A1 and A2 motorways. 

Every day between 27 September 2016 and 2 October 2016 guests could enjoy all the highlights specially prepared by the event partners, for instance rides in supercars from our fleet (Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 Turbo S and Jaguar F-Type R) on the 1.5km track with awarded and renowned drivers, as well as drift taxi in a BMW M3 GTR with Wojciech Gozdziewicz, the Poland's vice-champion. Additionally, in the following days Jakub “Colin” Brzeziński, a race driver, joined in his Ford Fiesta R5.

The rides enjoyed huge success and if only our cars didn't need a break, they would've been driven all night long. Throughout the six open days, everyone who was engaged in the track opening tried to show how important it is for all drivers to improve their driving technique. The ability to handle skidding, breaking and react to dangerous situations on the road are key for our safety! We are truly happy to have been part of the event and contributed to opening another track in Poland.

We are sincerely thankful to everyone who took part in the Grand Opening of the Driving Technique Improvement Center “Tor Łódź”.