Verva Street Racing 2016

Warsaw, 18 September 2016

A record-breaking edition of VERVA Street Racing – the National Automotive Festival! A record number of 110 thousand participants, over 250 thousand hp, 5 concerts and millions of smiles per hour is what could be the perfect summary of the National Automotive Festival that was held on September 17 in Warsaw.

Beautiful weather encouraged everyone to leave their homes, especially because the Saturday abounded with extraordinary automotive-related highlights. The largest automotive festival in this part of Europe, hosted by PKN Orlen, commenced with a show of spectacular drifting skills by Kuba Przygoński in a Toyota GT86 with 1068 hp. Emotions were on the rise and after the exciting performance by Kuba, it was time for a drift by an enormous truck, breathtaking motorcycle stunts and a Rallycross race. An exciting show of drifting skills was also presented by 12-year-old Jaś Borawski, already appreciated in the automotive world. The audience was also amazed at the thrilling show by police officers from the Antiterrorist Operations Bureau of the General Police Headquarters.

The entire event was powered with a total sum of 250 thousand hp from all the vehicles combined. It's fair to say that we have set a new Polish record of power per square meter – as far as we know, it has been the first automotive event in Poland in history to have gathered together such powerful machines, says Rafał Pasieka, executive director for marketing at PKN Orlen.

The engine power was complemented with the history and beauty of the vehicles. During the “Legendary Parade” the audience was enchanted with a show of the world's glorious automotive icons. Among over 20 unique cars there were such pearls as vintage Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Porsche RWB or Toyota Supra with an engine of 1200 hp.

Enthusiasts of the most recent productions were drawn to the “Cars of Dreams” exhibition. Here they could see and listen to a few of the most expensive cars in the world. The audience could admire the shining bodies and distinctive streamlined shapes of Ferrari 488 GTB, Mercedes SLS, Lamborghini Murcielago, or McLaren 650S, among others. Exhibits were open throughout the entire day. In a total of 23 zones one could contemplate over 600 vehicles – from Polish and European classics, through overseas legends to James Bond's cars. The VERVA Street Racing was visited by entire families. Kids could enjoy cars that starred in the famous animated movies, for instance Tow-Mater or the van from Scooby Dooby Doo cartoon. As always, what enjoyed huge popularity was numerous trampolines and inflatable cars, especially a large Formula 1 bolide. During the VERVA Street Racing event charity bricks were sold through the Orlen Dar Serca Foundation – the total revenue raised was transferred for treating children injured in traffic accidents in the Physiotherapy Institute in the University Hospital for Children in Lublin. Fundraisers with distinctive collection cans were found in 14 zones.

It was also worth staying up until the evening. The event finale was an astounding synchronous show of motorcycles and cars, accompanied with Frederic Chopin music and light shows.

At this year's VERVA Street Racing, the audience could enjoy amazing performances by Polish artists such as Kayah, Cleo, Afromental, Grzegorz Hyży, and Margaret, which marked the flagship PKN Orlen event for the first time in history. The National Automotive Festival bid farewell to the participants with a spectacular show of fireworks that lit up the sky over the PGE Narodowy Stadium.